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I am Renato Byrro, an AWS-certified software-developer experienced with cloud computing, serverless, web and backend development, Python, SQL, NoSQL, and artificial intelligence.

A special set of skills that allows navigating between technology and business quite easily. This brings versatility to the content I produce and the audience I'm able to engage with.

I write blog articles, e-books, whitepapers, benchmarks, and case studies about IT-related products and services. The content I produce engages CTOs, CIOs, Software Developers, and Cloud Architects.

  • Cloud Solutions Architect


Main Topics I Write About
Serverless Computing & Architectural Patterns 90%
Cloud Computing, Operations & Architecture 80%
Software Development, Python, Web Dev, SaaS 70%
AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning 60%

My Services

Blog Article

Easy to digest and engaging articles to leverage blog audiences.


Informative and educational e-books covering a particular technology or product/service.


Thorough overview of a particular technology, market trend or product/service.

Benchmarks & Guides

Comparison between two or more technologies. Step-by-step guides. Hands-on coding examples.

Case Studies

Insightful case studies from users that are benefiting from a technology or service.


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